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Cyrus Cyber Team

Cyrus Cyber Team

Cyrus Cyber Team

Mr.Acid Poison

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Welcome to Yellow!

About Yellow!

Vachelle Fleming: Owner/CEO of YellowBy Visiting this page you are obviously wondering what the "Yellow Effect" is? First of all I choose the name "Yellow" because it's subconsciously my favorite color and I always default to it without thinking about it, but most importantly because of its positive associations. When I think about the color yellow, I think bright, sun, smiles, happy, hence the "Yellow Effect." With the purchase of every product a portion of it is given to an education initiative. Ranging from school materials provided to orphanages overseas to funding beneficial computer programs stateside. With this formula I have combined two of my passions, crafts and education. I figured this was a sure way to hit two birds with one stone. As the dream grows I invite you to come along on this journey with me. Together we can work to make the future brighter!

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